The Push for Personalization

September 15, 2014

Our friends at DM News just shared a great infographic outlining the importance of personalization in direct marketing today.

personalized direct mailUsing existing data, you can communicate with customers based on their age, income level, location, credit score, and more. You don’t want a retiree getting the same package that you’d send to a recent college graduate - or someone with low credit getting a loan offer intended for a High Fico achiever. That’s just wasting time and money - and potentially frustrating your target audience.

Addressing the individual needs of your audience allows stronger and more effective messaging. And that’s why personalization has become the choice of smart marketers across the country.

Wilen New York has been pioneering personalized print for over 40 years. We've made the right investments and innovations with printing technology, allowing you to communicate with your audience on a true one-to-one basis more effectively and efficiently than ever before. With one consultation, we can evaluate your current direct mail communications and show you how to get the most out of your mailings.

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