Bindery Manager

Deerfield Beach, Florida

Immediate opening for experienced Bindery Manager: Responsible for overall operations of all Bindery equipment, employees, maintaining manufacturing quality standards as directed by V.P. Manufacturing, and production speed/throughput. Additionally, administrative duties will include scheduling, training, workflow, procedures, and process control. Performance, and personnel issues will also fall under Bindery manager responsibilities.


  • Responsible for entire Bindery Operations all shifts, including but not limited to all Bindery equipment, and their assigned crews.
  • Comprehend review job tickets, and associated job bag info relevant to daily Bindery operations. Review details of each job and list specific setup details and quality concerns, to be discussed with Bindery staff.       Generate Supervisor and Leads daily directives and conduct daily meeting to assign to each position. These detail lists must be conveyed during daily morning meetings and via email to ensure orders are properly documented
  • Verify all ship dates and ensure job completion based on all manufacturing facets. (i.e. Mailroom, or other departments that must handle each job)
  • Meet with your Maintenance Tech(s) weekly and determine the PM (preventative maintenance) status of the machines. Coordinate with Scheduling department and determine the dates each machine will be scheduled down for the PM. Advise the Maintenance Supervisor once the schedule is determined. Initiate workflow systems for handling hard downs with maintenance Tech Supervisor, as well as Assistant Manager and Leads. (Bindery Manager leadership staff)
  • Responsible for back up inventory parts for all associated Bindery equipment. Ensure that common replacement parts are always available. Critique back up parts inventory and meet with V.P. Manufacturing to determine ideal inventory back up. Work with Purchasing once parts pricing is negotiated and set for future ordering.
  • Maintain necessary material inventories. Ex. stitching wire, UV inks, etc. work with Purchasing dept to set up reorder points.
  • Determine crew schedules each week and disperse among Supervisors and Leads. Leads will assign Material Handlers the machines they will be responsible for bringing materials based on Bindery Manager schedule directives. Supervisors review job details for each job with crews as directed by Bindery Manager.
  • Advise the Material Handler crew to turn in their daily logs at the end of their shift. Keep the logbooks for them in an isolated place in Bindery Manager office when they are off duty. Review their logbooks and determine that they are filing them out properly, educate on proper documentation.
  • Set production goals per job or format, reward accordingly for consistent achievement. (for example: all tipping jobs should run at 18,000-20,000/hr, when this is achieved consistently promotions and raises should be recommended and the bar moved.) If there are factors that cause this rate to not be achievable, document the cause(s), and determine a solution and course of action, via a CIFF form and email to V. P. Manufacturing.
  • Meet with FL-Production daily to review the Bindery Schedule, discuss if and why changes were made.
  • Review the documented responsibilities of all reporting staff, assess and if changes are believed necessary, provide written documentation to V.P. Manufacturing for final approval.
  • Responsible for employee evaluations, document strength and weakness. Provide training on the weaknesses and encourage their strengths. Develop training program based on each position to achieve future development
  • Other duties as assigned not listed as determined by V.P. Manufacturing.


  • Minimum 5 years of responsible Supervision experience in bindery and/or finishing
  • Leadership experience, and crew development (people person enticing staff to want to achieve)
  • Ability to comprehend, and evaluate all job and equipment required information, job tickets, layout and all related job documentation.
  • Experienced in the principles of project management from set up to delivery.
  • Ability to prepare, monitor, and maintain project schedules
  • Experience with advanced computer software applications including word processing, and project management programs.
  • Knowledge of Bindery finishing and related equipment in the printing industry
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

We are an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace. E-Verify.