Direct Mail Production

"Direct mail can be over 7x more effective than all digital channels combined (3.7% vs. 0.62%)."



At Wilen, we don’t tout competencies we don’t have…and we don’t explore opportunities that don’t make sense for our clients. We are experts in key areas that all revolve around one common goal: effective and efficient direct mail production.

Over the past 20 years, we have built, from the ground up, one of the largest (by volume) direct mail manufacturing facilities in the U.S. We continuously invest in the latest (and greatest) digital print technology because it drives results for our clients and opens up a world of opportunity for us as a company — being the earliest adopter of advanced imaging equipment also ensures we are free from out-dated, legacy printing equipment.

As an industry leader, we output more 4-color variable direct mail than any other print services provider in the United States. In addition, our facility is host to the world's top print production engineers, collaborating on a mission to continuously advance print manufacturing.

So, what does this mean for you? As a client, you'll benefit from our unlimited segmentation and targeting abilities, deeper postal discounts and faster speed to market vs. legacy printers whose capabilities are scattered throughout the country.

Combine that with our award-winning creative expertise, and you'll see the difference of a fresh approach to a traditional channel.

OUR Direct Mail Production IncludeS:

✓ High-volume 4-color Variable Printing
✓ Inline/Offline Finishing
Full-service Mailing and Logistics
Programmatic Mail
Onestream®, Decision-Driven Print Technology