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Wilen’s White Paper Factory gives you the power to endlessly customize, personalize, segment and test your DM campaigns. Our digital print capabilities eliminate the need for warehouse preprinted stock and give you the speed-to-market edge that allows you to fully exploit the importance that data freshness has on your results.

The White Paper Factory process:

  • Eliminates preprinted forms and envelopes, streamlines print and mail processes, and lowers operational and postage costs
  • Eliminates labor-intensive offline printing processes, the need to coordinate advance print runs, storage and obsolescence costs, and many errors that occur with less efficient production methods
  • Allows you to create personalized messages and graphics for each recipient, targeting demographics such as gender, age, interests and buying habits
  • Uses paper more efficiently, which is great for the planet

Customer benefits include:

  • No preprint or inventory costs
  • Reduced labor and FTE expenses
  • Elimination of inventory obsolescence
  • Less return mail and greater postage discount
  • Lower material costs
  • Integrated marketing messages at no additional cost