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The Wilen Group, one of the fastest-growing high-volume direct mailers in the United States, has announced a revolutionary production process called OneStream®.

This proprietary network of manufacturing hardware and software allows marketers to produce completely custom, variable direct mail communications in one continuous postal stream, increasing relevancy, speed-to-market and realizing significant production and postal discounts. The Wilen Group encompasses Wilen New York, a direct marketing agency, and Wilen Direct, its production facility, making it uniquely qualified to develop and produce complex multivariate mailings leveraging its full four-color variable technology.

OneStream® produces 100% four-color variable letters, cards, inserts and envelopes in a white paper environment, and then, applying case-by-case logic and workflow intelligence, determines the correct combination of package elements without breaking postal sort. This allows marketers to create highly relevant communications in one single press run and one mailstream, maximizing production efficiencies and postal discounts at the scale enterprise businesses demand.

“OneStream is the end result of the investments in technology that we have made over the last few years which enable us to produce one-to-one, four-color, multi-format letter packages in a single postal stream,” says Darrin Wilen, president of the Wilen Group.

OneStream® is currently being used in many verticals, including telecom, retail, health and financial industries and debuted at DMA's &THEN16 event in Los Angeles. The culmination of high-volume, 4-C print technology, OneStream® is perfect for any brand mailing a wide audience with multiple creative or format configurations. The Wilen Group’s exclusive offering will ensure that a brand has complete control over the creative, format and testing elements of their direct mail campaigns; spending where it matters and saving everywhere else.

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