Inserter Lead Operator

Las Vegas, Nevada

Responsibilities include ensuring all work is performed accurately and absolutely correct, optimize throughput on their assigned machines, adjust all associated components like feed hoppers, inkjets, tabbing equipment etc. This position is also responsible for training of Inserter Operators. Has been trained and is knowledgeable in complete maintenance and repair of the inserters, Print Messenger and all associated equipment. Can perform all support positions pertaining to inserter operation, sort mail and place into correct tray for destination, and stack trays on pallet to destination creating even stable pallets. Position is also a platform for Tech or Supervision for next-level promotion.


  • Assist Supervisor in all daily operations
  • Assist techs during PM, and hard downs
  • Train first- and second-level Operators on workflow and machine operation
  • Work closely with Operators to run the inserter including all associated equipment, i.e., feeders, inkjet base, conveyors, cameras, tabbing, etc., in accordance with manufacturer’s operating procedures; optimize throughput
  • When print is required on a job, load data file, run a piece through inserter, and compare print to sample PDF provided by VDP department for accuracy and color match
  • Install turnovers, tabbers, and meter, based on format as needed
  • Set up camera reading 2D barcode for match mail jobs. Ensure proper scanning
  • Set up Print Messenger acquiring data file and layout, print sample and compare print sample to PDF provided from data for accuracy
  • Assist and ensure correctness, in separating paperwork and tray tags for work in progress
  • Perform routine and preventative maintenance as required on all feeders, inkjet base and conveyors
  • Has the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot issues on the inserter and inkjet equipment
  • At this level, the Operator must be able to produce seeds and samples at the highest level of quality
  • Ensure all jobs are produced in accordance with the quality standards, and are completed in a timely manner meeting scheduled deadline; achieve standard production speeds or better
  • Ensure crew is trained and working efficiently in setting up and operating the inserter
  • Responsible for safety of inserter crew and safety requirements of all assigned equipment
  • Must be willing to cross-train on other equipment
  • Organize and maintain equipment and work area while following maintenance and safety procedures
  • Create a teamwork environment, as well as perform all troubleshooting procedures on the production line
  • Assist utility person as needed to help keep floor clear and completed pallets logged in and wrapped
  • Monitor inventory of supplies needed for assigned equipment
  • Assist all support personnel to optimize accuracy and throughput
  • Document and list all equipment problems (even minor) timely; document all downtime and solutions and present to Manager daily
  • Other duties and cross training as assigned


  • GED / High School diploma
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Ability to work at a fast and continuous pace
  • Able to work a 12-hour shift
  • Frequent lifting of objects up to 50 pounds

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We are an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace. E-Verify.

This is a safety-sensitive position.