Digital Direct Marketing

"The average consumer now spends more time online than all other media channels combined."



Marketing is no longer a zero-sum game. It’s not a question of which channel yields the highest ROIit’s a matter of how to engage the consumer at the right time, with the right message and through the right combination of channels.

The only way for campaigns to be truly effective is by leveraging a multichannel communications strategy that includes a strategic combination of traditional and digital direct marketing.

This is where Wilen shines. We enable clients to provide hyper-relevant communications across all direct marketing channels, with complete visibility of the performance of campaigns and proper attribution. We also spend our days (and sometimes nights) understanding the ways your audience prefers to interact with your brand, continuously distilling and refining this process.

So whether it’s aligning and timing a banner ad/landing page with direct mail creative or devising beautiful email templates to be used concurrent with a direct mail campaign, Wilen is your go-to service for harder working digital direct marketing.

Our Digital Direct Marketing CAPABILITIES Include:

✓ Email Design
✓ Display Advertising
✓ Landing Page Design
✓ Synchronized/Triggered Communications