Marketing Optimization

"retargeted consumers are 70% more likely to convert on your website."



Processes can always be refined, results can always be made better…and that’s the beauty of a closed-loop marketing optimization system.

As an added value to our clients, Wilen provides cutting-edge analytics and campaign reporting services for your direct marketing. Our proprietary platforms, such as, serve as a centralized hub of campaign status and real-time performance reporting — enabling our clients to know exactly what is happening at any given moment.

Leveraging USPS data, we provide a holistic view of your entire direct mail campaign and calculate undiluted response rates based on actual delivered pieces. Taking this one step further, we’re able to incorporate web analytics to measure your mail’s impact on site traffic  utilizing exit scan data to help align your targeted online media spend with direct mail delivery, i.e. the one-two punch to advanced direct marketing.

At Wilen, we’ll help you stop guessing and start gaining visibility to your campaign’s performance — poor direct marketing is no longer an excuse.

OUR marketing optimization SERVICES Include:

✓ Direct Mail Delivery Tracking
✓ Custom Campaign Response Reporting
✓ Response & Match-Back Analysis
✓ Triggered Communications