Wilen Group Continues its Expansion Vision with a New West Coast Facility

LAS VEGAS (Feb. 7, 2020) – Wilen Group, a full-service direct marketing agency, continues to expand in providing direct mail solutions across the United States with elite standards in creativity, collaboration, innovation and now a west coast operation. Now having coast-to-coast manufacturing facilities in Deerfield Beach, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada, and a creative agency in New York, Wilen has committed to the utmost speed to market, making the company one of the top direct mail and digital printing agencies for large volume mailers in the country.

“Our investment in opening a West Coast facility was imperative in order to maintain our position as the leader in direct mail from coast-to-coast and ensuring direct mail maintains its place as the number one acquisition channel for our clients,” said Wilen President, Darrin Wilen. “Through our New York, Florida and Las Vegas locations all working as one collaborative team, we are committed to giving our clients a competitive edge in the mailbox and on any screen.”

Since 1971, Wilen has remained a lead provider in direct mail solutions across the nation. Since then, the former publishing company has evolved into a full-service agency and direct mail marketing firm servicing enterprise clients with a national footprint. Wilen touts three locations across the country, New York, Florida and Las Vegas. Within the last 20 years, the company’s investment in innovation and the latest technology combined with its commitment to speed to market campaigns, establishes Wilen at the forefront of the direct mail industry.

The agency’s “top-to-bottom” business model makes it the only agency in its field implementing a direct mail process from inception to execution. The client’s journey begins in collaboration with Wilen New York, where brand positioning, creative, messaging and a direct marketing strategy is expertly tailored to the client’s goals. Wilen then works with its own in-house Florida and Las Vegas facilities, equipped with industry-leading printing technology, to print and once completed, deliver the marketing materials within one to two days to the entire lower 48—faster than any other manufacturer in its field.

Wilen’s all-encompassing printing and direct mail abilities enable the agency’s clientele to communicate with their audience in just one step by eliminating the gap between traditional agencies and printers. By working as one agile team, Wilen delivers seamless direct marketing campaigns in a timely, engaging and relevant matter during an age when immediate results are key. For more information, please visit wilengroup.com.

About Wilen Group

For almost 50 years, Wilen Group has maintained status as one of the top direct mail and marketing agencies in the country specializing in creating direct mail in just one step. Wilen delivers direct marketing communications for a wide range of industries from its agency in Melville, New York and its two manufacturing facilities in Deerfield Beach, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. Both of Wilen’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art printing technology giving the agency the ability to create, print and distribute marketing materials across the country in a timely fashion. The full-service agency provides a direct marketing strategy to clients, which includes thoughtful planning from concept to execution.

For more information visit wilengroup.com, follow us on Instagram and check out our Wilen Blog.

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Published on February 8, 2020