6 Reasons Personalization is Key in Direct Mail Marketing

Ready to get personal? In direct mail marketing, the more personalization the better. In fact, personalization (when used correctly) is a must-have. But, when we say personal, it goes way beyond a name and address on the mailpiece. While adding “Dear Fname,” is definitely essential and effective, it takes much more personalization and creativity than that to grab the consumer’s attention.

In today’s generation, consumer's attention spans have declined rapidly as expectations continue to rise. As a direct mail marketer, there is a small window you have to grab the viewer’s attention before they become uninterested.

Today’s consumers expect personalization, and brands who use data-driven campaigns to deliver this are seeing results.

If you’re thinking that designing a mailpiece with more personalization is easier said than done, we promise it’s not! You can simply take your offer to the next level with variability, images, maps, personalized landing pages and so much more. When your consumer sees that you’re speaking specifically to them and targeting their interests, it is guaranteed to peak curiosity in whatever is being marketed.

Let's dive into 6 reasons why getting personal makes for better marketing.

1. Targeting Grabs Attention

Studies have shown that receiving personalized mail makes the recipient feel special, ultimately leading them to pay more attention. With information collected in your database, you can create custom offers based on purchase history, recent searches and even store visits. Personalizing the message to target each individual will likely end with positive results.

2. Personal Content Stands Out

Do your best to incorporate unique and memorable content into an offer. It’s as simple as adding personalization to an offer/product that helps it stand out. For example, sending an exclusive offer with a map of locations near your customers’ household might be noticed more than just sending an offer with no personalization.

3. Builds Relationships

Take the opportunity and use your resources to connect and build relationships with your customers. With data, you can find out information ranging from your consumers' birthday to knowledge that they just moved into a new home. Using this data to build your persona adds the emotional component to your marketing. Humanizing your offer will show your consumers that you care, ultimately generating more sales and conversations.

4. Gives Personality to Your Business

Like we said above, showing the human side of your business goes a long way. Authenticity and transparent communication is key for any marketer. When you personalize your business and give it an identity, it gives consumers a more personal experience. Include a working reply-to-address, show the face and names of employees that are reachable and give a real number for customers to call for a specific department. But, most importantly, always remain honest. All of these options let consumers know you’re real and not just some robot.

5. Makes Recommendations Intriguing

Get to know your consumers! Learn about their buying habits and what they’re interested in. When you target interests, product recommendations become more appealing. Make suggestions that you know will appeal to them. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

6. Boosts Sales

While personalized direct mail is mainly about connecting with your audience, it’s also an effective way to grow your sales and business. Just simply add a personal touch to show you care, and watch your ROI increase!

The biggest take away? Personalization in direct mail marketing is all about putting your consumers' needs first. You want them to feel like you took the time to personally reach out as someone valuable they can trust. So, don’t be afraid to let them know you’re aware of their interests, needs and that you’re there to help! Even if you start small and build up your direct mail personalization slowly, you could see a big change in ROI.

What are you waiting for? Get away from "Fname" and start getting personal, because personalization is the future of marketing! And trust us, you don’t want to miss out on that.

Published on February 18, 2020