Ever Wanted To Be A Secret Agent?

Our new Wilen Red Decoder® might just be the next best thing!
To add an element of mystery to your direct mailings, the Decoder uses a red glassine pane to obscure offer elements until the recipient opens their package.

What exactly is your offer? How much is the discount? Your customer has to open up the mailer to find out.

By using special printing techniques combined with the magic of the window, your Red Decoder® mailer will be like nothing your audience has received before.

The Red Decoder® features a red glassine envelope and unique color combinations to obfuscate offer details until the package is opened. A standard #10 letter package is transformed into a unique interactive experience for the recipient. The envelope, letter and affixed components (cards, booklets, etc.) are printed 100% digitally, for unlimited versioning and personalization of all components.

Leveraging customers’ curiosity and need-to-know, the patent pending Red Decoder® entices them to open up the mailer up to see what’s inside. It makes your mailer stand out in the mailbox and creates intrigue, driving higher open and subsequent response rates.

In a recent test case done for a large cable/Internet provider, the Wilen Red Decoder® beat a control mailer by a startling 80% in the OPT.

It’s easy to see how the Wilen Red Decoder® can be used to make a huge impact on your current or potential customer base--whether you’re looking to aid in customer retention, reengagement, or entice new customers to engage with your brand.

Published on January 13, 2021