How can a wallaby improve your ROI?

How can a wallaby improve your ROI?

Well, it can’t. However, there IS another kind of marsupial that can do that and more.
Introducing the Wilen Marsupial self-mailer. Much like the wallaby, the Wilen Marsupial features a pouch. However, instead of carrying a joey, the Wilen Marsupial’s pouch holds a promotional card that is perfect for acquisition or retention.

A fully variable mailer, the Wilen Marsupial is on 9-pt. matte paper and offers a 4-color variable, laminated, affixed card within a removable clear plastic pouch. The Wilen Marsupial is a new and exciting way to present offers to your customers, as well as to differentiate your offer from other mailers.

Promotional cards have long been shown to increase revenue by attracting, retaining and rewarding both new and repeat customers. The Wilen Marsupial offers a truly unique new way to present them to as wide of an audience as possible.

Does it work?
In the third quarter of 2020, Wilen Media tested the Marsupial mailer with a Pitney Bowes customer retention offer. Pitney Bowes often uses mailers as an opportunity to up-sell customers to the latest equipment at a discount.

Customers received their lease renewal offers the first week of the month, and then two weeks later, the same offers were re-mailed to the same recipients.

How did it do?
Recipients of the initial offer received a control #10 package, and then, two weeks later in the second-touch mailer, they received the Wilen Marsupial self-mailer. The results were absolutely astounding. In one segment, the Marsupial out-performed the control #10 by 691% in one segment and 126% in a second segment.

Currently, the Marsupial is further being tested as the Touch 2 control, and is being tested against other tactics to ensure consistent performance across the board.

Want to find out what the Wilen Marsupial can do for your ROI? Give us a shout. We’re always here to talk about the latest and greatest developments from the Wilen Conversion Factory, and we can’t wait to see what offers you decide to pop into YOUR pouch.

Published on October 12, 2020