Want a pop in response? Use personalized digital printing.

In the world of marketing, concepts and tools are constantly evolving – and as marketers, it’s our job to keep up with the latest technology. When discussing direct marketing, specifically direct mail marketing, one of the most powerful tools you could use is personalization. For years, it’s been proven that personalization can increase the value of your mail piece, strengthen customer relationships and drive results. So, how do you use this technology to effectively achieve personalization? The answer is simple – variable data printing.

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing that allows marketers to create data-driven messages for specific individuals. With VDP, marketers can deliver extremely targeted and customized direct mail pieces, with elements that can be changed from piece to piece. Powerful software is used to pull images, copy and other components from a database and then insert them into a direct mail design based on pre-set variables. So, if you wanted to send to a specific location or gender, speak more directly to a new homeowner, or even target a customer’s buying history – VDP can help you do just that. This takes personalization to the next level, making each piece or envelope look as if it’s designed and printed exclusively for a specific recipient.

Now that we’ve introduced VDP, let’s dive into the top 6 benefits of using the technology:

  1. VDP drives a successful direct mail campaign.

    Personalizing your direct mail can make all the difference between a successful campaign and one that does not meet expectations. By using VDP, you can simply and effectively enhance your printed pieces by personalizing them to match the data from each recipient.

  2. VDP increases ROI.

    Creating customized copy is the best way to grab a consumer’s attention. In fact, it is proven that using over three points of personalization increases responses drastically. Knowing your audience is key. Simply put, the more appealing and personal your piece is, the greater your return on investment will be.

  3. VDP gives you the ability to include QR codes, personalized landing pages (PURLs) and maps.

    By seamlessly connecting the printed direct mail piece with a webpage, the recipient can get to what you’re offering quickly and directly. That’s where QR codes come in. QR codes are labels you can add to your direct mail pieces so that recipients can scan the code with their smartphone to get more information or act on your offer. VDP also allows you to add personalized landing pages (PURL), which direct each recipient to a unique and personalized landing page. Lastly, including a map of a recipient’s town or neighborhood can make an offer feel more local and relevant.

  4. VDP allows variation for store addresses or phone numbers.

    Sometimes an offer can be redeemed at multiple stores or locations. With VDP, you are able to print the address for the location that is most convenient for each recipient. And, should you want or need to, you can change phone numbers based upon the recipient’s demographic or location.

  5. VDP enhances pieces with customizable fonts.

    If you want your mail piece to catch the consumer’s eye, VDP can help. Beyond personalizing with names and location, VDP can also print addresses and copy in a range of fonts. Depending upon whom you are targeting, you can strategically change your fonts to match the rest of the design. Let’s say you’re trying to send a more personal offer – using a font that looks like real handwriting can allow you to give your piece a truly human feel.

  6. VDP lets you add color to catch attention.

    When a mail piece is just black and white, it can be boring. Adding color not only catches more attention, but it also allows you to utilize your brand colors and enhance the offer you are sending. VDP gives you the option to include color with your personalized messages, making your mail pieces even more eye-catching, memorable and impactful.


It’s clear that variable data printing is a powerful tool in direct mail marketing. And the sooner you use it, the sooner you can create personalized pieces that speak to each of your potential customers individually. Don’t wait! It’s time to take your personalization to the highest level.

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Published on August 11, 2020